The most beautiful harmonies imaginable...”

— Donna Mulhollan of Still on the Hill

Arkansas Americana

creating connection through music

Wild with purpose, the women of Dandelion Heart endeavor to create a unique Americana sound, blending four individual songwriting styles. These dandies are rooted in Northwest Arkansas, with a passion for making music, and having fun creating with each other. The band is comprised of Lacy Hampton (guitar, hand percussion), Chase Hart (guitar), Korey McKelvy (mandolele, banjo), and Willa Thomason (cello, guitar). Early on, the four shared originals from previous projects (Aisle 24, The Ozark Travelers, The Silver Lining), but quickly began evolving their set to include more originals born from this collaboration.  This resulted in the release of their debut album, Retrospect, in November of 2020. This group of four vocalists and multi-instrumentalists creates a dynamic set that is fluidly shifting throughout. Dandelion Heart strives to capture the beauty in simplicity, with penetrating harmonies and at times, sparse instrumentation. Expect to hear a blend of folk, blues, bluegrass, rock, and indie sounds from this up and coming hometown band.


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